Fifth Balkan HF Contest

Dear colleagues and friends,

Fifth Balkan HF contest will be held on 11 February, Sunday. In comparison with previous years there is one change of the Rules (see them bellow) - the contest will be shorter - from 13:00 to 17:00 UTC. The rest of the Rules reminds the same.

Could you, please, do your best to popularize the contest among the hams in your country.

With best regards and looking forward for a QSO during the contest,

Panayot Danev,

Secretary of BFRA

President of Central Radio Club





  1. Organizer: Central Radio Club (member of Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs)
  2. Participants: Only radio amateurs from Balkan countries, i.e. with callsigns, starting with (in alphabetical order): 4O, 5B, 9A, C4, E7, ER, H2, J4, LZ, P3, S5, SV, SW, SX, SY, SZ, TA, TB, TC, YM, YO, YP, YQ, YR, YT, YU, Z3, Z6, ZA, ZC4.
  3. Objective: To contact as many as possible radio amateurs from Balkan countries (including own country) with as many as possible prefixes (see bellow).   
  4. Date and Time: From 13:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC on 11 February 2018, Sunday.
  5. Bands: 3.5 MHz and 7 MHz. Change of the band requires at least 10 minutes activity on the new band.
  6. Modes: CW, SSB, Mixed.
  7. Categories: Category A - Power permitted to the amateur according his/her license, but not exceeding 1000 W INPUT and Category B - Power not exceeding 10 W INPUT (QRP). The participants in this category transmit /QRP after their callsign (e.g. LZ1US/QRP).
  8. Exchange: CW - RST report plus the consequent number of the QSO (e.g. 589006), SSB - RS report plus the consequent number of the QSO (e.g. 57023). In case of changing the mode or band the sequence of numbers continues.
  9. Multipliers:  Separately for each band - the number of Balkan prefixes contacted on the relevant band. For the purposes of this contest a different prefix is each callsign that differs in its first three marks. Therefore LZ6, LZ7, SV3, SV4, Z31, Z32, TA1, TA2 etc. are different multipliers, but LZ07KM counts as LZ0, YO2014A counts as YO2, ER650MD counts as ER6, etc. Participation from area with prefix different from original counts as that prefix (e.g. SV0XCA/5 counts as SV5).
  10. Allowed contacts: Only one contact with any station is valid on each band, independently on the mode (e.g. if LZ6Y makes a contact with ZA1RE on 7 MHz / CW, another contact between them on the same band, regardless on CW, or on SSB, shall not be valid; one contact between them on 3.5 MHz shall be valid). 
  11. QSO Points: Each contact with category A station is worth one (1) point while each contact with category B station is worth two (2) points. Repeated contacts with the same correspondent on the same band are worth zero (0) points for both (initial and repeated) contacts. Contacts logged with more than 5 minutes difference from the real time are also worth zero (0) points.
  12. Final score: The final score for both categories is the sum of QSO points on 3.5 MHz band, multiplied by the multiplier on this band, plus QSO points on 7 MHz band, multiplied by the multiplier on this band (e.g. if Z32TY has contacted 20 stations on 3.5 MHz, 3 of them QRP, number of contacted prefixes 15 as well as 25 stations on 7 MHz, 5 of them QRP, number of contacted prefixes 18, his final score shall be (17+6)x15 + (20+10)x18 = 345+540 = 885 points). 
  13. Classification: Separately for Category A and Category B. No difference between CW only, SSB only or mixed.
  14. Logs: All times must be in UTC (GMT). Electronic logs in Cabrillo format sent by e-mail to  <mailto:Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli.> Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli. with copy to  <mailto:Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli.> Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli. are compulsory. 
  15. Deadline: All logs must be sent by e-mail not later than 18 February 2018, Sunday.
  16. Disqualification: Violations of amateur radio regulations, the rules of the contest, unsportsmanlike conduct, use of any non-amateur means of contacts (such as telephone, Internet etc.) will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification. 
  17. Awards: Plaques (or trophies with certificates) are awarded for top performance to first six (6) classified in category A and first three (3) in category B, as well as best participants from each country, if not in those above.


Dear friends,

On behalf of BFRA, we have the pleasure of inviting you to take part in the LZ HF FIELD COMPETITION PLOVDIV – 2017, which will be held on AUGUST 18/20, 2017 in PLOVDIV, PARK HOTEL IMPERIAL.
That event has already 7 years history. During the years the format of the event and its very attractive and valuable awards drew in participants from great number countries from almost all continents. Last several years Plovdiv hosted traditionally this competition and due to the raising interest BFRA and the organizers from Plovdiv decided to declare it an annual international LZ HF FIELD COMPETITION.

 For more information, please visit the website:

We will be pleased to have you joint the 8-th International LZ HF FIELD COMPETITION PLOVDIV – 2017.
Enclosed you will find the Rules. Please send your confirmation
to the following e-mail address: Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli.Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


With best regards,

Victor Tzenkov (LZ3NN)
President of BFRA
Hristo Zdravkov (LZ1YQ
, LZ4A)

 Vice President  of BFRA
and Chief organizer of the competition


Dutch Kingdom Contest 2017 - June 3 and 4

Dear fellow radio amateur,

Please your attention for the attached letter with an invitation and the DKC contest.


Peter de Graaf/PJ4NX

Secretary of the DKARS

TM500LH Event

Dear Amateur radio contacts,

for the 500 years of the Le Havre city's foundation, the French city's Amateur radio club F6KOH will be TM500LH for the following periods:

May 2017        : 25 to 31

July 2017        : 5 to 10

August 2017   : 30 to September the 4th

October 2017 : 1 to 8

The local Amateur radio clubs F8KHN, F4KIW and F4KJL will join F6KOH to activate the TM500LH special event callsign and operate in the following modes:

  • Voice
  • CW
  • SSTV, and other numeric modes

A special diploma will be delivered to all Amateur Radio stations having made 3 contacts with TM500LH.

If you need any other information about this event, please consult TM500LH on You can also contact Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli. if TM500LH on does not have the specific information you are looking for.

We are looking forward to thousands QSOs!

73, TM500LH

KT takmičenje "CQ Vojvodina"

Poštovani radio amateri,

Ovim putem želim da vas zamolim da obavestite vašu radio amatersku javnost o takmičenju pod nazivom CQ Vojvodina koje organizuju YU7GMN iz Mužlje  i YU7BPQ iz Novog Sada. Kao što se može videti iz propozicija kao množitelje koristimo Opštine sa teritorije Vojvodine/Republika Srbija  po Worked All Serbia  ( WAS ) programu. Za navedeno takmičenje organizator je obezbedio vredne nagrade. Navedeno takmičenje je podržano poznatim contest logerima DX Log, N1MM, TR4W. Takođe je obezbeđena podrška robota pa će kompletna aktivnost biti softverski adekvatno podržana.

Propozicije takmičenja se nalaze u prilogu e-maila a iste se mogu pogledati i  na sajtu Saveza radio amatera Vojvodine

Pozivam vas da uzmete učešće u KT takmičenju CQ Vojvodina koje se održava trećeg Petka u mesecu Oktobru što je ove godine 20. Oktobra.


Propozicije takmičenja možete preuzeti ovdje. 


73 & Čujemo se u takmičenju


Ivanko YU7GM


EDR 90th Anniversary

Poziv na takmičenje povodom 90. godišnjice udruženja radioamatera Danske (EDR) možete pročitati ovdje.

Balkan HF Contest 2017 - Final Results


This year, fourth in a row, the Balkan HF Contest was organized by Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (BFRA). It attracted relatively high number participants. 120 competitors sent their logs within the required one week term and they were classified in two categories – Category A – normal power and Category B – QRP. YO9CNU sent a check log. YO8DOH, YP0C and LZ1ZX sent their logs after the deadline 19 February, therefore their logs were assumed check logs, too. Regrettably significant number participants did not send logs at all. They were Z35A, Z37CEF, YU1ZZ, YO2DFA, Z3A, YT5A, SZ8LES, SV1ENG, YO3KST, YU7PEP, SV2FLM, YO8BPK, YO2LAN, 4O3RAB, SV9KNK and several more (with less than 10 QSOs). First 6 in Category A, first 3 in Category B as well as best performed from each country will be awarded special plaques.

Sincere congratulations to the winners!

Results can be found here.

Panayot Danev, LZ1US

 Secretary of BFRA


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