Dear friends,

On behalf of BFRA, we have the pleasure of inviting you to take part in the LZ HF FIELD COMPETITION PLOVDIV – 2017, which will be held on AUGUST 18/20, 2017 in PLOVDIV, PARK HOTEL IMPERIAL.
That event has already 7 years history. During the years the format of the event and its very attractive and valuable awards drew in participants from great number countries from almost all continents. Last several years Plovdiv hosted traditionally this competition and due to the raising interest BFRA and the organizers from Plovdiv decided to declare it an annual international LZ HF FIELD COMPETITION.

 For more information, please visit the website: http://www.lzhfqrp.org/

We will be pleased to have you joint the 8-th International LZ HF FIELD COMPETITION PLOVDIV – 2017.
Enclosed you will find the Rules. Please send your confirmation
to the following e-mail address: lz1yq@mail.bgLooking forward to hearing from you soon,


With best regards,

Victor Tzenkov (LZ3NN)
President of BFRA
Hristo Zdravkov (LZ1YQ
, LZ4A)

 Vice President  of BFRA
and Chief organizer of the competition