YOTA WSPR contest

Hi all,

It’s time to start the WSPR contest with the kits we built at YOTA. We challenge all teams to take part with their kit.  Next to this we make a separate category for everyone without a kit, since there was only 1 kit per team available.

Contest rules:


  • The contact with the longest distance wins the contest.


  • 1200UTC Wednesday 10 August to 1200UTC Tuesday 16 August 2016


a. use the WSPR Raspberry Pi kit as built during YOTA Austria

b. use any equipment you want, max. powder 5 Watts.


Use the Excell example in the attachment to make your log. You can request the results using this database:

Write in the log only the 10 contacts with the furthest distance (in km).

Save the log with your callsign as title.

Send in your log latest on 20 August to <> 


The 10 contacts with the furthest distance (in km) will be divided by 10. The person with the highest number will win the contest.

To all teamleaders: share this info with your teammembers.


Good luck!



Lisa, PA2LS


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